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Three of Long Whimsy

Inexplicable Curiosity Making


Here . . . by same hand, three of remarkable vision show architectural knowledge, grand careful imagination, and strong presence. What's working here? 


Each is  39" long and 12-14" deep. Five part elevation schema are consistent and deliberate: a gable-fronted pillared center is framed by matched arcaded hyphens ending in unmatched fanciful pavilions. 

Two convey scant information.  1927 and barely explicable penciled writing on bottom on the white one, seen below. That one was found in Eastern Ohio. The white one came from Western Pennsylvania. The 1927 one came from Asheville NC accompanied by a sales ticket at a 1996 antique show in Nashville from a dealer just south of Pittsburgh. 1920s Pennsylvania origin seems likely, particularly given the extent to which Pennsylvania culture has yielded so many folk art buildings.

Though scattered, each has been saved and honored.  One wonders about more.


One wonders also about that 1927 gold bird.  And sparkle bit above.

NONESUCH 3long #1 trial DO.png
Nonesuch 3long #2 trial2j DO good.png
NONESUCH 3long #3 trial DO.png
NONESUCH Three Long #3 1927 Bird.jpeg
NONESUCH Three Long #2 White Words.jpeg

Made by L. Miller


101 (1012?) Walnut Street





NONESUCH Three Long #3 1927 tower.jpeg
NONESUCH Three Long #1 Gold columnsCU.jpeg
NONESUCH Three Long #1 Gold Tower.jpg
NONESUCH Three Long #2 White Front.jpeg
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