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Here! A Swell Town


. . . a welcome American place in which to spend time and look and walk about, an appealing and visually rich community. Somehow comforting, too. Compelling and varied, smaller and human in scale even with some big buildings. Nicely wrought and well evolved and happily preserved, like older places we visit because, often regretfully, we don’t much live there anymore.  More interesting in so many ways -- details and fancy, brickwork and spires, style and spirit and scale -- than so many other places nearby today.


Imagine this evoking and delighting town of 200 American structures, both familiar and surprising, so varied in use and look.  So many good houses and churches, bridges and gas stations and swell civic buildings,

castle and fancy. More.


The buildings are representative of American architectural history as well of the larger total collection seen in Types.

Acrobats thing DO.png
townscape kitchen DO.png
cabinmetal Dec2020 DO.png
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