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Lazarus Church

So Called


Stories, narrative takes, and explanations for the buildings often prove inevitable. Or irresistible.

Or accurate. Or not.

This church came fully formed with its name and accompanying explication:  Jesus above is raising Lazarus below from the dead.  While the story is well known in the Christian Bible, the setting here is so very different.  Jesus has not traditionally been described as leaning over the edge of a gable fronted church and armless Lazarus was not positioned supine in a strange basin thing.


The church is wonderfully rendered, elegant in coloration and every detail. 

Its strong presentation impelled someone along the line to a narrative somehow equal in impact

with some reasonable logic.

Unknown origin.

LazarusChurch DO.png
CHURCH Lazarus front.jpeg
CHURCH Lazarus full side.jpeg
CHURCH Lazarus Jesus CU.jpeg
CHURCH Lazarus Lazarus CU.jpeg
CHURCH Lazarus side CU.jpeg
CHURCH Lazarus  apse.jpeg
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