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19" high

L.C.F.D: The unidentified town of L.C. shows a fire department station with two hose drying towers of confident architectural intent.

Wisconsin State Capitol. Twice.

CIVIC Lighthouse Adam July22 back .jpeg
CIVIC ModerneWhite Aug17 DSC03061_2.JPG
School  bright R_W 22 DO.png
BRIDGE Blue Jan18 CU.jpg
SCHOOL District March22.jpeg

Firemen's slide down poles

Above and below:   the firepoles for fast sliding down, so present in American imagery and often in real fire stations too.  Below also: three tintypes of important fire guys are nicely placed on the wall.

CIVIC FireTallDutchMetal Inside.jpeg
CIVIC FireTallDutchMetal.jpeg

More fanciful than most, Willy's Fire Department No. 1939 has topnotch function -- two elevator platforms conveniently pull to roof top housing.

Civic federal cupola Metal July22 DO.png