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C.E.Smith's 1908

Big Will & Big Size & Also 4500 Pieces


House Smiths 1908 DO.png

C. N. Smith -- with strong commitment and skill -- made this place for his grandson Charles E. Smith JR III in 1908 - 1909.  4500 pieces were required. We know all this because he told us, on both sides of the card below affixed with a little chain to the attic. Also fortunately for us, he firmly impelled that the card was never to be detached from fastening. For 114 years unknown owners have obeyed and in addition maintained the place with apparent love and remarkable care.

Location of making and of Mr. Smith are unknown.  On its 24x24" ground, the house is 38" high.  Heavy too, as improbably each individual roof tile is cut from metal.

Triggered by a real place down the street or by imagination -- or perhaps by a family house -- Mr. Smith confidently shaped bold presence, two sides unfailingly equal except for a yellow downspout,  and some surprising visual frippery. He had ability and also surely an undercurrent

of quirkiness somehow unexpected.

HOUSE 1908 CESmith CardFront.jpeg
HOUSE 1908 CESmith CardBack.jpeg

This House Was Built for Charles E. Smith JR III 

By his Grandfather C N Smith in years in 1908 - 1909. 

Contains about 4500 pieces

Do not take this ?? fastening

never to be detached from fastening    C N Smith

HOUSE 1908 CESmith Corner.jpg
HOUSE 1908 CESmith LeftSidePorch.jpg
HOUSE 1908 CESmith Top CU.jpeg
HOUSE 1908 CESmith Window.jpg
HOUSE 1908 CESmith ChimneyCU.jpeg
HOUSE Smiths1908 Porch1.jpeg
HOUSE 1908 CESmith FrontDormer.jpeg
HOUSE 1908 CESmith Left Sde DO. png.png
1908 front DO.png
HOUSE 1908 CESmith RightSide DO.png
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