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Over a quarter of the buildings in this collection are churches -- a higher percentage than found in larger communities.  The ecclesiastical imperative to make a good church is strong in any size, as surely is an impulse to somehow honor by rendering small. Important to place and history, churches often show some of the best buildings in town, though perhaps too little seen.  Full on Sunday or not, they ever enrich our streets and vistas.  Those of traditional American styles -- familiar to memory and history, usually spired, expected in our places somehow -- compel most strongly.


Arresting interiors in good number affirm that the churchly impulse, small as large, impels

good attention in as well as out.



folk art church

Cleanliness.  Godliness.

Spaghetti trim strips. Macaroni roof tiles.

model church
church quirkybold Alex may 2 DO.png
church chip 1899 DO.png

Eleven quite small and mysterious churches from Maine, some with indistinct words underneath.  The far lower right is marked as the Little Brown Church in the Vale, Iowa. Others are identified by street and not town; one is noted to have burned in 1930.

Mars Hill

Baptist Church

Rev. A. Langford


Barely visible red words

4" high

The First Congregational Church of Old Lyme, Connecticut, has compelled construction twice. 

Above, the smaller is 20" high, rougher in detail and style. Below, the larger is 48" tall and quite wonderful. 

27" long

 Big. 38" high.  Two confessionals too. 

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