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Seemingly intractable metal things -- bolts and nuts, cotter pines and hooks, nails and screws, a wheel rim and a drive chain and other hard materials -- are given wonderfully animate life in a fifteen ride carousel. Rendering and conjoining of those many unlikely pieces reveal gestures, nuance, clear interpretation, and even emotion. Riders, like us, relish it all although one appears to feel a jostled stomach.


Though the name McCabe is painted on the base, the talented confident maker is not found. The carousel is 23" high with a 16" diameter, and is alarmingly heavy.


Delighting and remarkable in equal measure.





Carousel McCabe

Imagination, skill, and materials yield an extraordinary American artifact  

benches - cotter pins - mum - infant - kid - ice cream cone

young elephant, carrying child reaching for attentive parent, links trunk with tail of big elephant carrying couple smooching on its laddered howdah

attentive parent

young elephant

smooching couple

big elephant

nice skirt

parent -  braided hair girl - unicorn

not enjoying

confident waver with just one hand on reins - bactrian camel

slingshop targets irresistible balloon

classically traditional fire-breathing dragon yields flame singed tail and rear legs of horse in front

Brownie Camera photo op

brass ring - caught

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