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Welcome always, buildings unafraid to stand out in our towns or down the street.  Fanciful, curious, non-standard, or bold. Grand or classical.  Sometimes showy of confidence, money, and brass.  Look hereWe know that something of vision as much as function was likely called out.  We wonder why. Some are explicable for whatever reasons; Americans have always liked castles and have plunked them about as outcomes of imagination if not history.  Greek-like temples, too.  History and types, from whatever time or place, transfer readily if not exactly accurately.  How about that 18th century Palladian house?  Many, large or small, appear with unclear need or referent but clear appeal.

All show the shaping of both imagination and structure. 

We keep looking.

59" high

46" high

Pennsylvaia Dutch sensibility brought to building said to somehow show or come from the Schuykill Pennsylvania alms house.

Found 13 years apart in widely separated states, by the same maker.  Curious, the rendering of two 39" long, architecturally replete, hyphened, grand-porticoed, and twin-pavilioned structures.

Reported made in Wisconsin in the 1930s.  Are the snakey heads expected? 34" high

39" high


The Jones Family Castle is described on the Known & Real page.

Classic classical triumphal arch inexplicably and knowledgeably rendered with motifs of American folk art.

37" high

Every surface more artfully constructed of Budweiser carton pieces than you or I could ever have imagined. Skylights reveal more inside!